5 Reasons Functional Training is Essential for Women

Every woman wants to look good, stay fit, and, as a result, feel good. Functional training will get you just that.

What exactly is functional training? Functional training is a group of exercises aimed at making you fitter and stronger, so you carry out daily tasks more easily. Practicing functional training targets everyday activities like carrying grocery bags, picking up a child, walking, or mobility on the ground.

By building strength, stamina, flexibility, and balance, functional training enhances how we perform these tasks.

No matter what kind of fitness goal you have (weight loss, toning up, getting fitter, being stronger, moving better), there are many reasons you need to take up functional training, and here are some of them!

  1. Functional training is the perfect workout (trust me!)

By ignoring functional training means missing out on one of the smartest ways a woman can train. This training is designed to make you fit, tone up and get strong. You will not get big and bulky. Functional training mixes strength and cardio, which improves fitness and enables overall body conditioning and weight loss.

  1. Functional training makes everyday lifting easy.

Strength is important for every woman. Not only will creating lean muscle mass tone your physique, but it will also give you the independence that enables you to do things in a more efficient, easy, and speedy manner.

Are you moving house or maybe even just buying groceries? Then you’re definitely doing some lifting and engaging your arms, core, back, and your quads and hips as you lean down. Doing just cardio for weight loss will not give you the strength needed in similar situations.

Having children also imposes the need for building arm, leg and core strength in order to carry them. Functional Training will give you this strength.

  1. Functional training can change clumsy to coordinated.

Functional training differs from exercises aimed at fat burning or muscle toning in that it works supporting muscle groups in addition to the main muscle groups, thus expanding the body’s range of motion. As a general rule, the more joints, movements, and speed you act with, the more coordination you need, and this is very practical for everyday life.

These skills are essential for moving with ease and control, for example, when reaching for something or getting up from the ground or down to the ground for playtime. And in sudden situations like a tough hiking trail or an uneven sidewalk while wearing heels, it’s always mobility and muscle coordination that help you stay upright.

  1. Functional training will help you protect yourself from injury.

Strong muscles are about much more than just heavy lifting. They serve as protection for joints, tendons, and ligaments against overwork and injury. Additionally, as people (especially women) age, a decrease in bone density and mobility occurs, and the joints and tendons carry the burden of movement. Keeping strong and well-functioning muscles dampens this problem.

By mimicking everyday activity, functional training strengthens the muscles you use daily and helps reduce the possibility of injury.

  1. Functional training can help you reach your full core-strength potential.

Using dynamic compound moves, functional training exercises employ multiple muscles simultaneously, including the core.

A strong core is not only having flat abs, but it also helps you enhance posture, protect your spine and lower back, and fight back against the problems arising from sedentary lifestyle, and that’s genuine inner strength.

If you are looking for more in regards to your health, fitness and well-being, then you owe it to yourself to arrange a free consultation and assessment and learn more how Functional Training can help you.

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I have developed an approach to exercise motivation that has enabled many average individuals to achieve amazing weight loss, health and fitness results.


I have developed an approach to exercise motivation that has enabled many average individuals to achieve amazing weight loss, health and fitness results.