The Adaptive Strength Internship

This internship will give you the opportunity to experience first hand how we work in our industry leading personal training studio.

Expand your coaching toolbox, learning the real-world tactics, principles and soft skills you need to be an amazing coach.

The Adaptive Strength Internship will not only teach you the tools and tactics you need to be an amazing coach, but also give you the theoretical framework and critical thinking skills to tackle the challenges of working in dynamic and high performance setting.

This internship is built on a foundation of scientific understanding and rigorous critical thinking, designed to dramatically accelerate your career in sports, fitness and rehabilitation. You will finish the internship with a coach’s operating system that will stay with you for the rest of your career.

Are We For You?

If you’re a Fitness Professional who is interested in learning from one of the Top Gyms in Perth, spending 8 weeks shadowing & coaching alongside some of the top coaches in the industry, dramatically improving your skills as a coach this internship could be for you.

If you’re passionate about helping people reach their individual goals, love training clients, and are looking for a scientific, but practical, approach to getting your clients specific results then keep on reading…

"This isn’t information that you can learn online or at your typical conference or seminar! It’s an intimate experience and opportunity to learn from one of the industry’s best."

Access To The Best Coaches And The Best Knowledge

Imagine being able to “look over the shoulder” of some of the best coaches in Perth, each revealing what they have done and continue to do to stay at the forefront of the field.

How much more quickly would you be able to progress as a coach?

How much faster would your clients see results or your athletes improve?

There’s no doubt that it would shave years off the time it would take you to reach the heights on the profession and to build the type of knowledge and skill level you seek.

That’s what the Adaptive Strength Internship will do for you.

"The Adaptive Strength Internship is designed to give you a head start in your personal training career. Turning Personal Trainers into Industry Leaders"

Here’s What The Adaptive Strength Internship Will Do For You

Over the 8 weeks you’ll experience:

What it’s like to be an Adaptive Strength team member in an incredible, supportive culture where we strive to bring our best & lead in the industry every single day.

Hands on coaching experience with the guidance and leadership of some of the Perth’s top coaches.

Learn the systems used day in and day out at Adaptive Strength to guarantee our clients get results including program design & coaching systems.

Learn everything we use with our clients including dynamic warm ups, flexibility drills, power development, core stabilization exercises, conditioning & strength training exercises.

"As an Intern of the Adaptive Strength Internship, you’ll be coached in-house and ‘on the floor’ by the industry’s best."

The Adaptive Strength Internship

Our Internship will give you the opportunity to experience first hand how we work in our leading rehab and performance studio. Each of our interns will have the chance to coach within our system and become familiar with the intricacies of coaching, program design, and gym operations.

We work closely with our interns to develop both practical and theoretical skills, ensuring that we influence the best coaches in the business, raising the standard of coaching in Australia, and ensuring that our graduates can realise their career aspirations.

"We want to help fitness professionals avoid common mistakes as we share our knowledge from over 30 years combined experience within the industry."

How it works

Our Adaptive Strength Internship is an 8 week fitness professional development pathway, made up of:
Over an 8 week period you will learn:-
In addition to the above , you will learn…

Important Details

Start Date: Monday 17th January 2022

Only $249 for 8 weeks of expert coaching by some of the best coaches in Perth. 

Be quick only 4 applicants will be accepted. 

"There’s no better investment than in yourself. Especially when it comes to improving your skills as a fitness professional."

Your Next Step

With only 4 spots available, spots will go fast and your chance to attend our exclusive Adaptive Strength Internship will be gone soon!

Applications are highly competitive.

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