Coaching the Mental Side of Fitness

You see it everywhere… Body Transformation this and body transformation that…

But at Adaptive Strength, the biggest transformation we see with our clients is in their mental state, the way they look at health, fitness & wellness.

Getting in great shape and having the body they wanted becomes secondary to having a positive mental state, reduced stress, and most importantly a positive self-image.

When your head is in the right state of mind, the body follows and naturally transforms also. 

We have a saying here at Adaptive Strength – “Ordinary people are doing extraordinary things with us!”

This all starts inside the head.

It is having sensible goals and progressing realistically, but most importantly it is celebrating the little wins. Because each little win builds confidence and with that little extra confidence you can challenge and stretch yourself that little bit further.

To make the change you need to put a little stress on your body and mind so adaption can occur. Too much stress you will snap and break, too little stress you will not change.

But if you get it just right, this is when amazing things happen. This is when ordinary people doing the extraordinary.

There are three key reasons why Adaptive Strength is so successful at this.

1. Mindfulness

One thing that becomes apparently clear from your very first session, is we do things differently. We treat every training session as a practice session. It is not a workout or even worse a workout where you put earphones in and exercise mindlessly.

Because we treat every session as a practice session. The goal of the session is self-mastery of the techniques learned. To achieve this, you have to be present at the moment. You can not be thinking about the past or your bad day at work, or worrying about bills to pay, or thinking about the future. You have to be 100% present in the moment.

The actions you take right now are what shapes your future. This is exactly the same when you exercise and step foot into Adaptive Strength.

Being mindful and present at the moment also ensures your safety helps reduce your chance of injury and gets the most out of the exercise. You are focused and thinking about how to perform the technique correctly, how to get better at it and how to execute it safely.

When you get better at a technique and more proficient, you can lift more weight and go a little harder which exponentially compounds the positive results you get.  

2. Goal Setting

This was touched on a little earlier, that you need to set realistic and progressive goals to challenge you and stretch yourself so you can adapt. This is why our members have regular check-in sessions with their accountability coach to go through goals, what is working, what is not working and to make adjustments as necessary.

The goals you make need to set you up for success. Each small win builds upon itself. It builds confidence and momentum.

Imagine a snowball rolling down a hill. It starts off small but gets bigger and bigger. This is you. With each win you grow just like the snow ball. You become unstoppable.

3. Forging an Indomitable Spirit

You may not always succeed on the first try at everything you attempt, at adaptive Strength, or in life. The indomitable spirit has the courage and confidence to try again and not be subdued or overcome in the face of fear or failure.

The indomitable spirit perseveres.

Sometimes this can be a challenge; training at Adaptive Strength can help to develop it.

If you are looking for more to exercise, fitness & wellness you owe it to yourself to come to try training at Adaptive Strength. We help your mind and body!

Life is better when you are strong and pain-free – physically and mentally!!!

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I have developed an approach to exercise motivation that has enabled many average individuals to achieve amazing weight loss, health and fitness results.


I have developed an approach to exercise motivation that has enabled many average individuals to achieve amazing weight loss, health and fitness results.