Do you need a personal trainer?

Some helpful points for selecting a personal trainer

There are many styles and methods of training available in this day of age. Some of these methods are effective and some aren’t. But is it that simple? Well for a raw beginner, just about anything could improve both absolute strength and strength endurance because the beginner is so far from their genetic performance potential.

But what happens when your body has adapted to the stress you have been placing on it and you no longer achieve the gains you desire, whether it’s strength or fat loss?

Well the answer is you need a Personal Trainer. You need to employ someone who has knowledge and skill sets that you do not. You need someone to motivate you, to project enthusiasm your way when you have none. The solution seems simple. However there are many points to consider when it comes to selecting the right trainer for you. Here are just a few.

Does what they offer align with your fitness goals?

You need to be sure that the trainer you look for puts you through sessions that will actually help you achieve your goals. There is no point doing sessions on fit balls and treadmills if you want to gain lean muscle mass. You will need a barbell and lots of heavy weight plates. Many trainers lose sight of what their clients actually need and want; instead they train clients with methods that they themselves use. Whilst it is refreshing to find trainers who actually practice what they preach, what works for them may not be the best solution for you. Ask any prospective trainer what sort of program they would recommend for your goals and why. If they can provide a comprehensive explanation then it is likely they have the knowledge and experience you require.


Ensure the style of training has some form of strength progression, so that your body is continually exposed to stress. By this I mean there are 4 main training stressors that you can experience whilst training. These are reducing rest, increasing intensity, increasing volume or cycling fatigue. If your trainer doesn’t apply these simple factors into your strength practice then you will not progress at optimal rates. Increasing strength is the single most important reason we go to the gym. If they don’t offer you some form of structured progression then you will never hit your targets on time, regardless of your goals. Strength work should be the nucleus of your training regime.


Carefully read testimonials; if a prospective trainer hasn’t helped others reach their goals then the chances are they won’t be able to help you either.

Conveying Worth

If your prospective trainer is good at their job then by the time you have finished the consultation or first session, you should have a very good feeling that they understand your goals and how to best achieve them. You should feel confident that by contacting them you have taken a huge step towards your goal, and have total faith in their ability and knowledge. If not, walk away.


You need to be able to connect with your trainer. If finding motivation to train is already an issue, having to put up with a personal trainer that you don’t like is only going to compound the problem. Communication and honest feedback is essential for your progress, your trainer needs to be engaging and able to assess and respond to your moods appropriately.


If your personal trainer’s face lights up when they talk about training their clients, then you can be sure they will be able to keep you motivated.

The fitness industry in Australia is currently flooded with small 24hr gyms and personal trainers who have little to no real world experience in results based training. When selecting a gym and/or personal trainer, try and go for one that either owns the studio or subcontracts to the studio. By doing this you know the trainer has an invested interest in your success, as without you and your goals, they have no future business.

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I have developed an approach to exercise motivation that has enabled many average individuals to achieve amazing weight loss, health and fitness results.


I have developed an approach to exercise motivation that has enabled many average individuals to achieve amazing weight loss, health and fitness results.