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Exercise & Movement Therapy works to help you heal from injury or constant pain so you can live a pain free and active life.


Corrective Exercise

At Adaptive Strength, we use movement, strength and rehab techniques, to help you recover from pain and injury.

With the assistance of our Exercise & Movement Therapist, you will be shown ways how to fix muscle imbalances, improve mobility, strengthen weak muscles and lengthen tight muscles. We will find and treat the symptoms contributing and causing the pain so that you will be moving freely with no pain.






Pain free movement starts here. If you are serious about finding a solution to your pain and/or injury our Exercise & Movement Therapist will guide and work with you towards tension free normal musculoskeletal function and reduced pain. Our therapist’s use a progressive approach to identify and truly correct posture and movement issues, allowing you to spend more time doing the things you enjoy.

Exercise Is Not All One Size Fits All

You are unique and your condition is unique to you. Here at Adaptive Strength we listen, access you and create a tailored solution specifically for you. No one person is the same, therefore exercise program should be the same.

Start Enjoying Life Again

You don’t need to be running a marathon, but does living pain free sound good to you? Our Exercise & Movement Therapist will have you mobile and active once again allowing you to enjoy life.

Find Root Cause Of The Pain

We don’t fix symptoms, we find the root cause. A thorough assessment from a Adaptive Strength Rehab & Strength Coach will pin point the root cause of your pain, not just treat your symptoms. HINT: The root cause is not always the location of the pain.

Move Better

Does the idea of moving freely with no pain sound enticing? When consulting and working with one of Adaptive Strength Rehab & Strength Coaches you will find that your daily physical activity, muscle strength and endurance will improve. You will be able to bend over without fear, get up without hesitation, twist with ease and walk with grace.


Do you need help recovering from any of these?

Bridging The Gap Between Personal Trainers And Physiotherapists

Foot & Ankle Pain Rehab

Back Pain Rehab

Hip Pain Rehab

Knee Pain Rehab

Lower Back Pain Rehab

Neck Pain Rehab

Shoulder Pain Rehab

Sports Injuries

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