Exercise Physiology Exercise is Medicine

Adaptive Strength Personal Training has been proven to be the fastest and safest way to learn new movement patterns and to produce the best results in relation to reducing body fat, increasing muscle mass, and to rapidly improve technique.


How can we help you?

Do you experience muscle and joint pain or are suffering from a chronic condition? Consulting with a Box33 Exercise Physiologist will provide you with the knowledge and assistance to overcome your health issues.

These include chronic disease management such as the following: Musculoskeletal conditions, Neurological conditions, Cardiovascular disease, Obesity, Chronic pain, Fatigue and Depression.






Experience an improvement in your physical health and well being when you start using a Box 33 Accredited Exercise Physiologist

Sensible Prescription

Our accredited exercise physiologist match well-known exercises and evidence based treatments to match your tolerance and needs, similar to how a doctor prescribes medicines.

A Vital Link

Our accredited exercise physiologists are the vital link to restoring your body’s physical performance and ideal movement pattern to recover from injury. We will help you promote good health to form a safe return to normal activities.

Exercise Is Medicine

Exercise is recognised as the new medicine. Using sensible prescribed exercise programs, that are designed to your specific condition will help manage, treat and overcome chronic illnesses.

Medicare & Private Health Fund Rebate

Accredited exercise physiologists are recognised by the Government. As they are the only exercise service to be recognised, you may be entitled to a certain amount of rebate for exercise physiology. Certain levels of Private Health cover may offer more rebate than others.


Do you need help recovering from any of these?

Bridging The Gap Between Personal Trainers And Physiotherapists

Foot & Ankle Pain Rehab

Back Pain Rehab

Hip Pain Rehab

Knee Pain Rehab

Lower Back Pain Rehab

Neck Pain Rehab

Shoulder Pain Rehab

Sports Injuries

Adaptive Strength


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