Fit & Strong Over 60

Designed for men and women in their 60, 70, & 80’s who want to slow down the aging process through exercise as well as learning the best ways to stay healthy.


Due to space constraints we are only accepting limited number of applicants. Please enter your information below to apply.

Class Times:

10am Monday, Wednesday & Friday

Starting from just $18/class

6 Great Reasons to join in on these small group training sessions

  • Great Reason #1

    Motivation - Having other people exercising alongside you can also give you the boost you need to keep moving

  • Great Reason #2

    Structure - having a consistent or well-structured plan in place is a must to see results.

  • Great Reason #3

    Accountability - hold you accountable for turning up and putting 100% effort into your workout.

  • Great Reason #4

    Fun - Variety of exercises you undertake and the camaraderie between your fellow exercise participants makes group training

  • Great Reason #5

    Support - Both your trainer and your fellow participants are there to support and assist you and help you reach your health and fitness goals.

  • Great Reason #6

    Get more personal attention - Get more attention and more personal advice to help you train more effectively and safely.