Fitness programs Booragoon

Adaptive Strength Physiotherapy provides expert care to help you recover, rehabilitate, and optimize your physical health through evidence-based treatments and personalized therapy plans.

Total Fitness

If you’re asking yourself, ‘How can I become fitter, healthier, and stronger?’ or feeling the impact of fluctuating energy levels, facing a health scare, or dealing with conditions like diabetes or high blood pressure, our Total Fitness Program is for you. It’s for those who want more than just losing weight – it’s about becoming fitter, healthier, and stronger than ever before.

Rehab & Fitness

Are you recovering from an injury, dealing with persistent pain, or managing a serious pre-existing condition under professional supervision? Do you experience shoulder, knee, or lower back pain and wish to exercise to alleviate discomfort and improve your fitness? If any of this sounds like you, our Rehab & Fitness Program is tailored just for you.

Strength, Conditioning & Athletic Performance

If you find yourself thinking, “Why have I hit a plateau?”, “How can I increase my athletic performance?”, questioning why your current training isn’t giving you the results you want? If you’ve been feeling stuck and are looking for direction, grappling with a knowledge gap about the best way to proceed, then our Strength, Conditioning & Athletic Performance Program is designed just for you.

Kettlebell Training

Our kettlebell training offers a systematic approach aimed to give you all the necessary tools and skills to safely and effectively train with kettlebells.

All of the trainers at Adaptive Strength are certified StrongFirst Kettlebell Instructors and are world class teachers of strength.