Here is what happens in the Movement, Strength & Recovery Model

The Movement, Strength & Recovery Model provides all the components you need to lose fat, get lean, move better and look and feel great.

The success of this model is based around our qualified coaches doing personal training. They will work with you every step of the way to make sure you are safe, the training is effective, and you are having fun!

This all starts with a professionally trained coach having a chat with you. The chat will give us insight about your specific health history, any past injuries, your goals, what exercises interest and scare you and what you have tried doing the past with either success or no success.

From here we move onto doing a thorough evaluation using our Injury Prevention Assessment and Functional Movement Screen. This allows as to see where you are at now. It gives as a baseline to work from to help you get to where you want to go. The functional movement screen looks for movement restrictions and asymmetries that may be causing you pain or a possible cause for injury in the future.

Don’t worry, none of these evaluations will be painful or embarrassing.

Only after we have all this information can we create and customise a training program for you designed to deliver maximum benefit and results.

The baseline information is like point A on a map, point B is your destination and the coach is your compass helping guide you there every step of the way.

Here’s What Happens In The Movement, Strength & Recovery Model

Appropriate Movement and Mobility Training: Movement comes first, in the Movement, Strength & Recovery Model. When you move better you can train harder and get stronger, improving your appearance and your health more quickly.

Appropriate Strength Training: When we build strength, we are building muscle. Muscle is what gives people the nice toned look. And for girls don’t worry, you will not end up looking like Arnold Schwarzenegger, but you will look hot in a bikini. You see, muscle is the foundation for our metabolic rate. It is your body’s fat burning engine. But apart from looking great, being strong makes everything in life easier, from picking up groceries, playing with the kids, to being a weekend warrior on the sports field. Trust me, everything is easier.

Appropriate Recovery: This is a critical step often over looked. The way you recover is extremely important to help prevent injury and ensure your training is sustainable. Recovery has many elements which includes good nutrition, stretching, self-myofascial release, massage and a good night’s sleep.

Professional Coaching: This is the heart of Adaptive Strength (formerly Box33). Whenever you train at Adaptive Strength (formerly Box33)– it does not matter if Personal Training, Semi-Private Personal Training, Open Gym, Group Classes – you are under the watchful eye of our professional coaches. The Coaches at Adaptive Strength (formerly Box33) are not your average “Personal Trainer”, they are some of the best in the industry. They are ready and able to coach you through to your goals, keep you accountable to your training, help with injury prevention and resolution, and make sure you are getting what you need to succeed.

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I have developed an approach to exercise motivation that has enabled many average individuals to achieve amazing weight loss, health and fitness results.


I have developed an approach to exercise motivation that has enabled many average individuals to achieve amazing weight loss, health and fitness results.