Inclusive Personal Training for Women and Men

If you’re serious about starting your fitness journey and need a little extra motivation, individual attention, and a bit of help when it comes to improving your fitness knowledge, then our inclusive personal training programs are your ideal solution!

Here at Adaptive Strength (formerly Box33), our trainers have been through the exact same journey as you have, so they understand that sometimes, we may need a helping hand to get started.

Starting Your Personal Training Journey

Regardless of whether you’re a top-level athlete or an absolute beginner, everyone starts out the same at Adaptive Strength (formerly Box33). All of our trainers are in tune and empathetic to your needs and goals.

Before allowing people into the community, we make sure we spend plenty of time with them to get a feel of their personality and know what kind of training will work best for them. This way, we can match them with the best personal trainer to guarantee the best results – fast!

We know that women have different reasons for wanting a personal trainer – some are short on time and want to make the most out of a quick workout, whereas others need a little more guidance and confidence when it comes to strength training. Whatever your reason, we have the ultimate female personal trainers and personal training programs in Perth to get you started!

A Better You

At Adaptive Strength (formerly Box33), we believe that the most important step to starting your fitness journey is your energy and commitment, and you should never feel like your gender or fitness level is holding you back. This is why we have created an inclusive and safe space for you to train in.

Everything our personal trainers do has a logical reason and plan for progression – we don’t only meet clients where they’re at, we take them to where they want to be and beyond.

But don’t get us wrong, our sessions are not “easy” and they’re definitely designed to push you beyond your comfort zone. We strongly believe that success and results come from expanding on what you’re comfortable doing.

Personalised Workouts

We know that different clients respond to different ways of working out, which is why each and every workout will be tailored to the way you respond best.

Some men and women respond better to challenges, others to praise – we always strive to work with you and the way you like to work out!

Meeting Goals

Our director Tim ensures he spends lots of time with the trainers, helping to skill them in understanding all the different challenges or emotional aspects others may face when embarking on their fitness journey or plan.

This is why all Adaptive Strength (formerly Box33) trainers are well equipped to understand the emotional delicacies that different clients may go through, and have plenty of empathy for what their clients’ needs may be.

We are strong believers of developing trust and creating a bond, because if you’re inspired, and trust your trainer, then the more likely you will be to arm them with the information they need to push you to meet your goals. That’s why we don’t follow linear programs – there is always room for flexibility around meeting your goals!

Better Results

At Adaptive Strength (formerly Box33), we ensure you’re always on track by having daily check-ins. This way, we can tell if you’re being pushed to meet your fitness potential or if it’s time to learn a new skill. All of this ensures that you get the best results possible and that you’re happy with how your fitness is progressing!

With our personal trainers and personal training facilities in Perth, you’re guaranteed the specialised attention and results that your body deserves, so get in touch today.

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I have developed an approach to exercise motivation that has enabled many average individuals to achieve amazing weight loss, health and fitness results.


I have developed an approach to exercise motivation that has enabled many average individuals to achieve amazing weight loss, health and fitness results.