Kettlebell Training Revolutionizing Your Exercise!

Kettlebell training if you do it right, it changes your body in unimaginable ways. For toning midsection, strengthening core, building muscle mass, or increasing strength, Adaptive Strength’s kettlebell training will work for you!


Improve Your Kettlebell Skills With A Battle-Tested & Proven Method That Stands Out From The Rest

Are You Looking For A Laser Focused Kettlebell Program That Will Produce Significant Results.

Or maybe you want to achieve a higher level of conditioning, increase your strength, enhance your training performance and accelerate fat loss.


Perth, W.A.

You Won't Feel Good, You'll Feel Awesome!

I have made a massive improvement on my fitness and strength
If improving fitness, strength, energy and losing weight is what people are looking for then Adaptive Strength is the only place that can promise those results. You won’t feel good, you’ll feel awesome!

Innovative Kettlebell Training That Lets You Progress At Your Own Pace And Skill Level

This program is ideal for beginners as well as experienced kettlebell practitioners who want to perfect and refine their existing skills. In other words, our program is educational and will allow you to progress at your own pace and skill level, while optimising your kettlebell training.

This kettlebell program will produce noticeable results. At Adaptive Strength, we thrive on watching our clients achieve the results they want! We pride ourselves on safety in training and achieving results! This program is highly structured to the individual and specifically organized to deliver a great amount of benefit in a safe and productive manner!

A. Bedoya

Perth, W.A.

I Feel And Look Better Now At 34 Than I Did In My Twenties.

One great thing about my experience at Adaptive Strength is the confidence boost it has given me. Feeling stronger does wonders to your self-esteem, and of course as you get fitter you start to really love how your body looks.
I can honestly say that I feel and look better now at 34 than I did in my twenties.


What You Can Expect To See When Training With Kettlebells At ADAPTIVE STRENGTH


If You’re Sitting On The Fence, Give It A Go

Lost 13kg in 24 weeks! I was unhappy and struggled with my weight and the way I looked since puberty. After spending 18 months on Duromine (a prescription weight loss drug) I actually gained a large amount of weight! Now, I am lifting heavy, feeling coordinated, and my confidence and self-esteem has returned.


You Don’t Have To Waste Time & Energy On Ineffective Or Random Kettlebell Training Practices!

Think about it, mundane and random training programs do not produce significant results. What you are looking for is a purpose-driven, clear and progressive kettlebell training approach that WILL help you reach your goals.

There are so many kettlebell training programs available. However, many do not focus on the obvious: practicing only the kettlebell skills that yield the best results.

Ian Hyde

Perth, W.A.

… Put So Much MUSCLE On At My Age In Such A Short Time…

To put so much muscle on at my age in such a short time (5kg in 3 months – At 39 year old) is quite unusual and I think that it reflects that having an outside expert manage and advise on my training was a great investment.

Don’t procrastinate and there’s no need to look any further. Reach out to the team there and let them know what you are looking to achieve and be honest. You truly will not be disappointed.

I came across their site a couple of years ago and it took me until this year to start training there. I regret not having been in touch sooner.

A Kettlebell Training System That Will Deliver Long Term Progress And Will Work For You!

Needless to say, you are searching for a kettlebell training system that works for you. But you also need one that will enhance your skills for the long term with a systematic, challenging and strategic approach.

In addition, you want a kettlebell training system that is rewarding with an innovative and exciting design that will help you forge a stronger and leaner body that is built for whatever life throws at you.

Laurence Blackadder

After Trying Yoga, Pilates, Other Gyms, I Finally Found Adaptive Strength…

In the short time I have been training at Adaptive Strength both my physique and attitude have changed for the best. I feel stronger and stronger and my energy level is the best it has been in many years. At nearly 42, I am getting fitter and happier with my body! I used to hurt myself while training because I simply didn’t know what I was doing. The Adaptive Strength approach has been revolutionary for me. The atmosphere is awesome, and I always look forward to my next session. I can only recommend coming and joining the great team at Adaptive Strength.


This Kettlebell Training System Is Proven, Powerful And Unique!

If You Are Looking For A Tried, Tested And True Kettlebell System That Offers Proven Results You Need To Take Advantage Of This Once-In-A-Life Opportunity Straight Away!





Perth, W.A

Stronger Than Ever!

I feel stronger than ever and have a greater mobility which helps with work and everyday life. Thank you to all the trainers at Adaptive Strength.


Why Is ADAPTIVE STRENGTH Different? The Answer Is Simple: StrongFirst Kettlebell Training

At Adaptive Strength, we handpick our StrongFirst Kettlebell Instructors for their ability to train and help you meet and exceed your training goals!

StrongFirst is known to be the gold standard worldwide when it comes to Kettlebell Training, and Adaptive Strength is the leading StrongFirst Kettlebell Training Studio is Australia with more StrongFirst Certified Instructors than any other gym in Australia.

So when you train at Adaptive Strength you are training with the best!

Stef Sifandos

The Most Knowledgeable, Experienced, Adept And Diverse Here In Western Australia

My competency around movement patterning, overall strength and mental resilience have improved almost exponentially, not to mention the social aspect involved with training at this exceptional facility. I have less injuries and I know I can trust the coaching staff at Adaptive Strength to provide sound advice when I need guidance in the area of my personal health. The trainers are not just trainers, they are engaging, educated and caring. Gyms are a dime a dozen. The expertise, knowledge base, passion and intention at Adaptive Strength is the best I have been a witness to.

Adaptive Strength


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