Ladies Strength Training

The idea of doing squats, deadlift and bench press sounds appealing to you?


Due to space constraints we are only accepting two (2) applicants. Please enter your information below to apply.

“I highly recommend Adaptive Strength to anyone wishing to improve their health and fitness, especially those like me in their 40’s. I started training several months ago and have been able to achieve more than i ever thought I could. The gym is extremely friendly and welcoming to people of all ages, shapes and sizes. It’s a great place to workout with experienced, well-informed trainers. There is also a really fabulous community feel in the gym. I thoroughly recommend it!”

Our 21 Money Back Guarantee

You will be blown away by the knowledge, experience and depth of detail our coaches go into to teach you correctly and safely, that you will find every session absolutely awesome, like nothing you have experienced before.

If within the first 21 days of starting our program you are not blown away, we’ll give you your money back.


We offer this Guarantee because it’s important to us that you are thrilled with the services you receive. This way, you risk nothing joining our little personal training community.