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Remedial Massage

Do you get a sore back, knotted up shoulders, or are in pain? A remedial massage maybe the answer. Perfect for lower back pain, stressed shoulders and neck muscles, releasing muscle tension and reducing chronic body stiffness.

Sports Massage

Sports massage can aid in reducing inflammation and relieving tension in muscles, tendons and ligaments therefore promoting flexibility and improving recovery time and performance.

Deep Tissue Massage

Do you need a deep tissue massage? A firm pressure massage. Deep tissue massage is ideal for those who do not have any particular pain, discomfort or injury that needs addressing.

Relaxation Massage

A relaxation massage is designed to aid relaxation. This means that it is often more gentle and flowing than a remedial massage. Our therapists will easy adapt to your preferred pressure.


Do you suffer from any of these?

These Are Just Some Of The Conditions We Help Our Clients With Everyday…

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