Out of Shape, Out of Condition, Puffed, Panting & Struggling to Walk up a Flight of Stairs?

It is a horrible feeling…

Just imagine how great you will feel in as little as 2 months when you join Adaptive Strength… where you will meet Perth’s Best Personal Trainers to provide you hands on support throughout your exercise & fitness journey helping YOU becoming fitter, stronger and lose stubborn body fat.

Michael was like this… but look at him now…
Michael Gray

“I’ve been a member of Adaptive Strength for 2 months now. I’m previously untrained, and decided to join after putting off starting a fitness routine for about a decade now (my adult life). In just 2 months I’m already a bit leaner, far stronger, and find myself with much more energy during my work days. The most considerable difference both my partner and I notice is how good my mental health has been since I started training”.

At Adaptive Strength we care about your uniqueness. Everyone is different. You are unique and your training should be unique to match your personality, current fitness level and goals.

Your Personal Coach will ensure you are trained to YOUR full potential and within YOUR limits. There is no cookie cutter approach here. Your programme will be unique to you.

Here is another client that NEVER wants to go back to a typical average Joe gym.

"Training that is truly tailored to individual needs by very competent and friendly trainers. The one and only place where I've actually kept on training year after year and still loving it".

Chris Tistrand

What makes Adaptive Strength special and rare compared to other gyms?

And why can we call ourselves Perth’s Best Personal Training Studio?

Here is the reason!! Read the two testimonials below…

"Adaptive Strength is the only StrongFirst accredited gym in WA - this mean the trainers are highly qualified, knowledgeable professionals. The facility itself is a friendly, fun and supportive place to train amongst a great, like minded community. The training is based around kettlebells, barbells and bodyweight so there are no dreaded treadmills and fixed weight machines. Programs will be specific to you and your goals and the trainers will keep you accountable whilst being empathetic and mindful of the best approaches for you. There is a specific focus on form and technique to ensure you don't get injured and can get the most of your training. The team of coaches also have in depth knowledge of mobility training, injury rehabilitation and nutrition. You will certainly reach and surpass your goals by training with the Adaptive Strength team, but you will also become part of a fantastic community".

Johan Blackmore

"The most effective and professional training team in WA. You will not find a more knowledgeable, passionate and welcoming fitness organisation. Keep up the great work"

Andy TT

You can be confident you are with the best in the industry!

You will be trained by a certified StrongFirst qualified Personal Trainers. The certification is so tough and gruelling that 70% of Personal Trainers who attempt this qualification FAIL. By having a certified StrongFirst Personal Trainer – on your side – you can be confident you are with the best in the industry.

It does not matter if you are unfit, suffering from an injury, recovering from a past injury, we will ensure your goals are reached safely & effectively.

You will still be pushed to train but NEVER to the point of injury. Many trainers don’t have the skills, knowledge and know-how to prevent injury whilst still ensuring you train hard. But at Adaptive Strength we do!!!

"Best gym in Perth. Kurt and the whole team at Adaptive Strength are complete legends. I love training here. The space is great - no mirros, no gym turbos and the coaching is second to none. I had no prior experience with strength training and Kurt has taught me everything from scratch and at pace that suited me. I always feel completely safe training there and have never gotten injured. Give it a go - you won't regret it!".

Helen Humphrys

"Absolutely my pleasure and privilege to recommend the team at Adaptive Strength to anyone interested in attaining their fitness, strength, mobility, flexibility, functional movement development or rehabilitation goals!!!".

Richard Bailey
Awesome Personal Training begins at Adaptive Strength.

Dedicated, professional trainers with in depth expertise, great ability to deliver information and practical application with compassion, drive and enthusiasm skillfully guiding you to reach all your health & fitness goals.

The great guidance and support you will get from your trainer, and the whole crew, at Adaptive Strength makes joining them one of the best decisions you will ever make in your life!

Do yourself a favour… contact Adaptive Strength and start your journey toward a stronger, fitter, healthier, happier, better version of yourself!

You won’t regret it!!!

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Don’t settle for just ANY personal trainer when you can reach your goals safely & injury free at Adaptive Strength personal training.

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