Success Stories


Adaptive Strength has a welcoming environment, all the gym members are all very friendly and are happy to offer assistance, pass on advice and encouragement. Weight loss 10kgs, which exceeded my own expectations! My body is a lot more toned, I have increased muscle, and gained flexibility and core strength.*

I previously had felt overweight and sluggish, my clothes were becoming tight and I had that dreaded excess fat known as the “muffin top” hanging over my jeans. I was starting to feel very self-conscious about the way I looked and although I walked my dogs daily this just wasn’t enough to shed those unwanted kilos or get me back in to the shape I desired. I also lacked the self-motivation, knowledge or equipment to work out on my own. I had never been in to health and fitness before and was skeptical about attending a regular gym facility, so I searched online for Personal Trainers at facilities that would best suit my needs. Eventually I found Adaptive Strength. I’m now a lot more conscious about what I eat and have a better understanding of food and nutrition, my quality of sleep is better, I am happier about the way I look, I am starting to notice the changes in my body which has increased my level of self-esteem and I feel great when family and friends compliment me on how well I look. I also feel comfortable in the clothes I wear (now a few sizes smaller) I like that Adaptive Strength is a small intimate facility, I wasn’t keen to go somewhere where I would be daunted by an array of gym equipment that I had no idea what to do with or how to use it and most importantly I didn’t want to feel uncomfortable or embarrassed about what I was doing. Adaptive Strength makes you feel like you belong, this is what makes you feel good about yourself, this is what gives you the desire to do your best.