Success Stories


Lost 13kg in 24 weeks! I was unhappy and struggled with my weight and the way I looked since puberty. After spending 18 months on Duromine (a prescription weight loss drug) I actually gained a large amount of weight! Now, I am lifting heavy, feeling coordinated, and my confidence and self-esteem has returned.*

Adaptive Strength is not a pretentious gym. It has a welcoming atmosphere. Everyone is helpful, and you never feel like any question is a stupid question. Unlike other gyms, there isn’t a gaggle of ape like gym junkies hogging all the equipment, taking selfies and making me want to run away and hide! I am inspired by the trainers, and observing the efforts that they put in to their training, makes me more motivated and gives me confidence to now achieve results on my own. If you’re sitting on the fence, give it a go. You have nothing to lose by trying it out. Once you start training at Adaptive Strength you will be hooked!