Cable Rotational Pull

Workout 200

60 minutes or less A1) Halo x 10/10A2) Prying x 30sA3) Glute Bridge x 103 Rounds B1) Suitcase DL x 8/8B2) Cable Rotational Pull x 8/8B3) High Box Step Up x 8/8B4) Push Ups x 83-5 rounds C1) 2km Row This workout is designed to be unloaded and all body weight. Exercises: Equipment:

Workout 002

5 ROUNDS in 30 minutes or less A1) Goblet Lunges x 5/5A2) Toe Touches x 5/5A3) Cable Rotational Pull x 10/10A4) Side Bends x 10/10 This workout is designed to be loaded. Use kettlebells for added weight and resistance Exercises: Equipment: