Weight loss using Kettlebell’s

Are you wanting to lose weight and/or looking for a workout alternative?

Want to breathe new life you’re your exercise routine?

Then kettlebell training is for you. It is fun; challenging and anyone can do it… even beginners.

Kettlebell’s are a different kind of training targeting endurance, strength, balance, agility and cardio endurance and fat burning. It will help you achieve muscle shape and tone whilst boosting your cardiovascular fitness.

When used correctly most people can benefit from kettlebell training. It is functional and extremely effective. It involves the entire body, uses different angles and a range of motion to help accomplish the goal of keeping the body moving freely in all directions.

Kettlebell training can assist you with burning 400 calories in 20 minutes. However like any exercise regime, how quickly you lose weight depends on a number of things such as calories in and out.

There are many benefits from training with kettlebell’s. These range from full body strengthening, burning fat, and improving stamina, agility and co-ordination. As well as improved posture and alignment, reducing or eliminating lowering back pain and reclaiming your flexibility, movement and cardio vascular fitness.

Functional Fitness Development Using Kettlebell’s

Training with kettlebell’s develops your functional fitness and is an efficient and effective way to improve fitness levels.

Many of the movements and exercises are powerful and challenge nearly every muscle in your body requiring you to stabilise and engage the core allowing you to get your heart rate up in a completely different way than other cardio.

Your joints and ligaments will become stronger due to the repetitive nature of the kettlebell exercises.

Training Options Using Kettlebell’s

As there are so many different options available when it comes to kettlebell exercises we cannot fit them all into one single article. However to get into shape you don’t need to perform many different movements. However should you be seeking the vast array of movements then there literally is no limit.

But it is strongly recommended and encourage that you master the fundamentals first before trying a huge variety of movements. The fundamental movements are: Goblet squat, Swing, Clean, Turkish Get Up, Military Press & Snatch.

Build A Powerful Core Using Kettlebell’s

Do you want a ripped, strong and stable core?

Then challenge your core strength.

The versatility of a kettlebell means a large number of different muscle groups can be trained. The core is very important as it stabilises the body and transfers energy through the limbs. With every heavy or high rep standing exercise you perform it will build your core strength more efficiently than any crunch or sit-up exercise.

Awesome Power Created By Kettlebell’s

There is no other means of training that builds power so quickly in your hips, legs and glutes as effectively as the kettlebell.

But the benefits are not limited to just the lower body. The kettlebell increases strength and improves flexibility throughout your back and shoulder. It is one of the best pieces of exercise equipment to build shoulder stability.

For those of us who participate in other impact sports or practice martial arts or box, kettlebell training such as the snatch, clean and press works like magic as it produces shattering power.

Cardio Benefits Of Kettlebell Training

Is riding a bike, running or a punching bag not your preference?

High rep kettlebell swings will have your heart rate soring and help you to burn fat fast.

By lifting the kettlebell regularly you are not only increasing the challenge – progressive overload – but also protecting your muscles from breaking down. As you age this is extremely important.
Many athletes are leaving the traditional forms of cardio behind and opting for the kettlebell due to the faster fat burning results seen by a kettlebell exercise routine.

To get the absolute most out of your kettlebell training you can combine it with the High Intensity Interval Training (HIIT).

What makes it so great is how it alternates between brief bursts of high intensity exertion and shorter periods of rest. An example of this is performing 10 x hard style kettlebell swings every minute for 10 minutes.

The hard style kettlebell swing is an ideal resistance cardio movement that requires power from the legs and hips, as well and stability from the core, back and shoulder.

The kettlebell is swung between your legs and then straight back up into the air using an explosive hip thrust movement to provide the forward momentum.

Here is a great all round workout for Weight Loss

For those who want a bit of everything, a circuit routine will do the trick. This works like a HIIT workout because you’re constantly moving and because it’s
fast and easy to implement. We’re going to be using mostly compound movements here with a whole body routine which means you’ll build explosive performance and coordination while also toning, honing and losing weight.

Let’s look at the kettlebell swing in action

The 2 Hand Swing

Swing – Side View

Final Thoughts

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I have developed an approach to exercise motivation that has enabled many average individuals to achieve amazing weight loss, health and fitness results.


I have developed an approach to exercise motivation that has enabled many average individuals to achieve amazing weight loss, health and fitness results.