You always want to leave

I was speaking to Maria the other day and she was telling me how her life has changed and how great she feels.

Does this image sound familiar to you? Because this was Maria a few months ago before she started at Adaptive Strength.

She was the wife who always got tired and wanted to leave before everyone else. Her husband would always say “You always want to leave”

For many years she had been at home looking after the kids and don’t forget her husband…

But in this process, she had forgotten to look after herself.

Now in her 40’s, she was a little overweight, fatigued and had niggling pain when moving.

Finally she decided it was her turn… Time for her to reclaim her youth. Get her energy back… and to look and feel great…

So here is what we did with Maria, to help change her life…

I invited Maria in for a chat. We wanted to hear more about Maria’s situation and what she wanted to achieve.

It was during this chat she told me about her low energy levels and how she was always getting tired and wanting to go home early. She wanted to lose a little weight, but mostly she wanted more energy and to feel younger.

Like most women who have not exercised in a while she was a little scared and hesitant, but I could sense the determination in her voice, that now is the right time and she is ready to take care of herself.

The goal of the chat was to set the stage of where she was right then at that point in time and to where she wanted to go. The open and honest chat really helped paint a clear picture of what needed to happen and allowed me to create a game plan to make that happen.

I started Maria in our Foundations course, designed specifically for beginners. This is 8 x One on One personal coaching sessions by one of our highly experienced coaches on everything she needed to know to train efficiently, safely and with confidence. These sessions allow for more instructional time and personal attention by coaches in the critical initial learning period.

After graduating from our Foundations course, Maria was confident in her ability to enter regular semi-private personal training without intimidation. She had an individualise program created for her, so she could get the most out of training and reach her goals in the quickest possible time.

Maria found the semi-private personal training was the perfect mix of personal attention, but being in a small group of up to 4 people gave the sessions a great community feel and fun atmosphere. This really helped with motivation and consistency.

One of the secrets to Maria’s success was the weekly accountability and monthly progress check-ins and alignment. The whole time making sure the training was matching Maria’ goals.

Fast forward till today…

Maria is training twice a week in Semi-Private personal training, plus coming to the Saturday group class for an extra session. She loves the Saturday class because of the community and going for coffee after the session with the new friends she has made here at Adaptive Strength.

She has lost some weight, looks great and feels great, but most importantly she has regained her energy.

Seeing the transformation in Maria is why I am so passionate about what I do.

If you can relate to Maria’s story I would love to help you to.

I invite you to come in for a chat.

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I have developed an approach to exercise motivation that has enabled many average individuals to achieve amazing weight loss, health and fitness results.


I have developed an approach to exercise motivation that has enabled many average individuals to achieve amazing weight loss, health and fitness results.